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About the long awaited & long delayed 'Windows Phone 7'

 The upcoming "Windows Phone 7" OS is going to be a TOTAL CRAP! No Multitasking ??? Reload applications after screen lock ? This is a disaster !

"In day to day use, the lack of multitasking proved to be an even bigger annoyance than we expected. Not only is there no third-party support for the function, but if you lock your screen while you’re in a third-party app (say, Twitter), the software must reload when you unlock! This can be especially annoying when you’re playing a game which has a substantial load time (more on that below). It doesn’t freeze your state, so you have to reload the app and your saved game all over again. It’s not just bad — it’s nearly unforgivable."


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Site Refresh

all site products removed as everything has been outdated. New products and refreshed prices within the upcoming week